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August 31, 2021

Heartbreaking: 51 Service Dogs Left Behind & Agencies SCAMMING Americans & Glenn Beck

TheQuartering [8/31/2021]

The story is difficult to follow but I do the best I can to break down the service dogs left behind in Afghanistan.

According to TheNewYorkPost:

An animal rights group slammed the Biden administration after the US military was accused of leaving its contract dogs behind in Afghanistan before pulling out of Kabul — but the military hit back, blasting the reports as “erroneous.”

“I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies,” American Humane president and CEO Robin Ganzert said in a statement.
“These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserved a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned.”
Ganzert said her organization “has worked hand in hand with the military for more than 100 years to rescue military animals,” adding that the group “brings home retired military working dogs and pairs veterans with life-saving service dogs.”

“We call on Congress to take action to classify contract working dogs on the same level as military working dogs. Failure to do anything less, is a failure of humanity and a condemnation of us all,” Ganzert added.

However, a military spokesman later disputed the allegation, telling The Post that no “military working dogs” had been left behind.

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