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March 12, 2021

Huge Trouble Brewing For The Mandalorian Season 3! Cancellations Have Already Begun!

TheQuartering [3/12/2021]

Looks like there may be some trouble brewing for the Mandalorian season 3.

According to SuperHeroHype:

Last summer, Lucasfilm announced that they were partnering with a handful of different publishers to release new books inspired by The Mandalorian. Some of these would take viewers behind the scenes of the hit series, while others would tell new stories featuring the title character. However, we now know that at least two of these titles won’t be hitting stores anytime soon. DK has just announced the cancellation of The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide. Similarly, Del Rey has just scrapped its own plans for Adam Christopher’s original Mandalorian novel.

Naturally, fans might think Gina Carano’s recent dismissal from The Mandalorian is the reason for this latest development. After all, her character played a significant role on the show and presumably would have been included in Christopher’s novel. Additionally, Pablo Hidaldo’s Visual Guide likely would have given Cara Dune her own two-page spread. But according to Gizmodo, sources at Disney Publishing say the cancellations are unrelated to Carano’s firing. Instead, scheduling issues are to blame.

So far, the only Mandalorian-inspired book to make its intended release date was Phil Szostak’s The Art of The Mandalorian: Season One, which arrived in December. Christopher’s novel was also slated to hit stores that month before getting pushed back to this fall. Although Christopher won’t be diving into the world of The Mandalorian, Del Rey posted a follow-up tweet to announce that he’s working with them on a different book set in the Star Wars universe.

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