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November 24, 2020

I found All The PS5 Consoles… It’s Not Good For PlayStation 5 Buyers

TheQuartering [11/24/2020]

It looks like all the PlayStation 5 consoles have found there way to a single scalper group which boasts thousands of consoles now available for scalped prices.

According to PushSquare:

An interview with Business Insider has shed light on the sordid reseller market, with one British group claiming that its members have purchased 3,500 systems to date.

So, how does it all work? Well, the organization sells subscriptions to wannabe resellers, and then provides them with access to a variety of different services which help them to source highly sought-after products. That ranges from, yes, bots all the way through to insight and advice. The idea is that, once purchased, those items can then be resold at a profit.

Part of the group’s goal is figuring out what’s in demand; apparently hot tubs were huge at one point during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the big tech product is the PS5, and, of course, with resellers scooping up all of the readily available stock, the demand is rising higher – thus lining the scalpers’ pockets further.

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