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December 16, 2020

IGN Cowardly BLASTS Cyberpunk 2077 After Getting RICH Off Content & Rates Game A 4 On PS4 & XBOX ONE

TheQuartering [12/15/2020]

I’m not sure I believe where IGN is coming from here. Giving the game a 4/10 after praising it 48 hours ago seems slimy.

According to IGN:

While I had just as much fun playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PC as Tom did playing for his review, on the base PlayStation 4 or Xbox One it is a different game entirely. It fails to hit even the lowest bar of technical quality one should expect even when playing on lower-end hardware. It performs so poorly that it makes combat, driving, and what is otherwise a master craft of storytelling legitimately difficult to look at. It is not an exaggeration to say that I’ve felt nauseated after playing because of the terrible frame rate. It really is that bad, and it’s very suspicious that CD Projekt Red refused to provide console review copies ahead of launch.In my original tests on patch 1.02, frame rate dipped into the teens on Xbox One during key story moments involving combat, and while patch 1.04 promised more stability, it still struggles to maintain 30fps and crashes are still frequent. At best it will regularly crash to the system screen on Xbox One; at worst it’ll hard-lock your system and you have to turn it off and on again.

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