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November 27, 2020

Infamous PS5 Scalper DOXXED & Robbed Real DANGER In Reselling XBOX Series X & PlayStation 5 Consoles

TheQuartering [11/26/2020]

I know a lot of people are not feeling bad for the guy and I have to say I wont shed a tear but this is pure insanity for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

According to TheGamer:

The PS5 went on sale last week, and as expected, it was extremely difficult to buy one if you hadn’t already pre-ordered. If you didn’t, retail stock was depleted quickly, leaving the only avenue to next-gen ownership in the hands of scalpers. Those same scalpers are sometimes charging more than double the price for a PS5, which is sure to angry any self-respecting gamer.

One or more of those gamers in Toronto, Canada apparently got angry enough to actually start robbing scalpers. According to the Toronto Police, “numerous reports of robberies” have been received by the department from people “selling game systems online.”

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