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April 30, 2021

Insane Leftists Force Jeopardy Contestant To Apologize For “Shocking Hand Symbol”

TheQuartering [4/30/2021]

I’ve really got no time for these insane people, I’ve got to be honest about it. I’m not a huge Jeopardy guy, but this is insanity.

According to FoxNews:

Jeopardy!” contestant Kelly Donohue “unequivocally” condemned White supremacy and racism on Thursday after viewers accused him of flashing a hand gesture during Tuesday’s episode that has become synonymous with White supremacist groups.

The returning champion appeared on Tuesday’s episode of the competition trivia show and during the show’s introductions, Donohue appeared to hold up the last three fingers on his right hand, forming an “OK” sign touching his forefinger to his thumb and holding it to his chest. Donohue then tapped his chest three times with the hand gesture.

The on-air moment resulted in Donohue receiving immense backlash from at-home viewers and past contestants. The gesture many accused him of using has been classified as a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League as of 2019.

“I’m truly horrified with what has been posted about me on social media. I absolutely, unequivocally condemn white supremacy and racism of any kind. People who know me personally know that I am not a racist, but for the public at large it bears repeating: I am not a racist and I reject and condemn white supremacy and all forms of bigotry for the evil they are,” Donohue wrote in a lengthy statement on Facebook.

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