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May 19, 2023

Insanely Obese Woman DEMANDS Airline Make Isles Less “Fatphobic” & Discriminatory To 600 Pound Folks

TheQuartering [5/19/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

She’s hoping this idea takes off.

A plus-size TikToker is arguing that airlines should make plane aisles wider to accommodate larger passengers, calling the current layout “discrimination.”

The woman, who posts to the platform as Big Curvy Olivia, shared a video this week showing herself struggling to traverse a United Airlines plane, having to turn sideways as she walked past the rows of seats.

“Honestly, it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes 2023,” she wrote on the clip, which has landed about 700,000 views.

The Post reached out to the TikToker and United for comment.

Her post drew more than 5,000 comments, with users divided over how to handle the situation.

“That’s why I fly business or first class. I’m not as big, but I’m not small. Everyone is happy and I get peace!” one user confessed.

“Look I’m a really big guy and I don’t fit in things either but like I just accommodate and accept that for myself,” another declared.

Others slammed the woman for her “audacious” observation.

“Got a problem with it, don’t fly,” one TikToker snarked.

“How is that discrimination?” another wondered.

“Real talk though they should be accommodating for tall people,” a user quipped.

Some users pointed out airlines would lose seat space if they widened aisles.

“Wider aisles mean less seats. And they would be cutting into profits to accommodate the super sized,” one person wrote. “That wouldn’t make sense.”

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