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June 18, 2021

Instant Backlash! Female Streamers BLAST Amouranth & Indiefoxx For Sad New Low For Twitch

TheQuartering [6/18/2021]

Twitch is Only Fans lite! Change my mind!

According to SportsVeeda:

Recently, Twitch streamer Jenelle “IndieFoxx” Dagres accused Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa of stealing her “stream ideas,” leading to multiple responses on Twitter.

IndieFoxx’s initial post was reposted on Twitter by another female streamer “Melina,” after which Amouranth herself ended up joining the discussion. Although IndieFoxx did not mention Amouranth by name, she criticized her for stealing a variety of “stream ideas.”

This included outfits, stream-titles and overlays, as IndieFoxx revealed plans to get Amouranth’s “numbers” down. The post was met with huge criticism, with Melina instead accusing IndieFoxx of stealing her ideas.

Melina posted a screenshot of IndieFoxx’s post on Twitter, leading to a reply from Amouranth. IndieFoxx has accused Amouranth of stealing her creativity, and mentioned multiple “stream-ideas” that she thought the streamer had stolen. IndieFoxx also said that Amouranth had stolen content from fellow Twitch streamer Samantha “Pink Sparkles” Tomlensen too.

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