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March 2, 2021

Instant Karma! Feminism Takes Huge L As Man Sues Female Led Workplace For Discrimination

TheQuartering [3/2/2021]

A man was told to “man up” and just carry some boxes (because that’s what men should do) even though he had a hernia.

According to the Mirror:

A laboratory scientist is suing the “woman-dominated” firm where he worked, claiming that his female boss told him to “man up”.

Daniel Price alleges that “extreme discrimination against males” made the company a “toxic workplace”.

He claims that his manager Ashleigh Knowles told him “men are less organized” and that he was repeatedly ordered to “go away” during “girls-only” conversations.

Mr Price says he was the only worker instructed to carry boxes, being told “because you’re a man”.

He once refused, due to a hernia, but was ordered to “man up and get on with it, it’s only a few boxes”, a tribunal heard.

Mr Price was dismissed last May after 16 months with food-test specialists PiQ in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

An employment judge in Cardiff ruled he has an “arguable case” for sex discrimination and ordered a full hearing.

The tribunal heard that lab manager Ms Knowles said of a new appointment: “More than likely it’ll be a girl, as women tend to be better and more organized in the lab.”

She then allegedly told Mr Price: “You’re lucky to have your job, as everyone was shocked that it was a guy being employed.

“We normally only employ females because men are less organized.”

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