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August 5, 2022

Instant Regret! Addison Rae Gets CANCELLED Blasphemous Holy Trinity Bikini

TheQuartering [8/5/2022]

According to People:

Addison Rae‘s recent Instagram bikini post is at the center of some controversy.

The 21-year-old social media star posted a since-deleted photo of herself on Instagram in a white bikini which read “Father” and “Son” on the triangle tops. Though she did not do a complete body reveal, the bottom of the bikini reads, “Holy Spirit.” The skimpy two-piece, which appears to be a collaboration with Adidas, is from the site and retails for $100. The name of the bikini is “Holy Trinity.”

Social media critics were quick to fire at Rae’s original post. @XAVIAERD tweeted, “All I’m going to say is — these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch.”

“why do you gotta disrespect Christianity like that?” tweeted @DannyBee8801. “You don’t disrespect any other religion, just Christianity? And why do you have to create it, @adidas? Not that I was ever a fan of adidas (or Addison Rae for that matter) but I’ll never buy anything from adidas.”

Though Rae took down the post after commenters slammed it for being “blasphemous,” TikTok user @hannahkosh managed to save the image beforehand and posted it on her profile with a brief recap about the controversy, noting that fans thought it was disrespectful towards religion.

Commenters were divided about Rae’s bikini choice, with one writing, “In all seriousness. No one on her team was like ‘hmm maybe this will upset people. Especially in todays world.’😂 Hire a new team.”

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