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February 4, 2021

Instant Regret! Amber Heard DESTROYED For Self Inserting Into Marilyn Manson Mess & Johnny Depp Wins

TheQuartering [2/4/2021]

It would appear that people do not like this woman very much.

According to Huffpost:

Actor Amber Heard on Thursday weighed in on the mounting sexual assault and domestic violence allegations against rocker Marilyn Manson, appearing to criticize the entertainment industry for turning a blind eye to the alleged abuse.

Heard, who testified in court last year that actor Johnny Depp physically abused her during their four-year relationship, shared a New Yorker article on Twitter that acknowledged Manson’s apparent fixation with sexual violence.

“And yet, no one sees the trend here?” Heard wrote in the tweet. “Everyone wants to tag a Bathroom wall, no one wants to understand the writing. Evan & I aren’t the 1st to raise our hands. Are you done ignoring it?”

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