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December 15, 2020

Instant Regret! Batwoman Season 2 Trailer DESTROYED! Javicia Leslie Can’t Save TERRIBLE Writing

TheQuartering [12/15/2020]

I am not sure what anyone expected, but wow, just wow. Batwoman season 2 looks worse than I even imagined. This is going to be amazing.

According to Screenrant:

Batwoman season 2 is getting a brand new hero when Javicia Leslie joins the Arrowverse in 2021. The first season of the Bat-centric drama came with a big surprise when Ruby Rose revealed that she’d be exiting the series after only 1 season. Despite that Kate Kane has been in the Arrowverse for over a year, Bruce Wayne’s cousin had a short-lived run on The CW. Rather than recast the role, the Batwoman creators went in a new direction that many didn’t see coming; Kate will not be the show’s titular hero when Batwoman season 2 premieres next month. Instead, a new face is being brought into the Bat-mythology while making some history for the Arrowverse.

Leslie was cast earlier this year as the brand new character Ryan Wilder who will become the new Batwoman lead starting with the season 2 premiere that is reportedly titled Whatever Happened to Kate Kane? Should that indeed be the title, Batwoman will perhaps waste no time in establishing why Kate is no longer in Gotham City and protecting the city as the new Caped Crusader. The quicker Kate’s story gets wrapped up, the faster the new season can move on to Ryan coming into the fold as Gotham’s new heroine. This will be the first time the Arrowverse ever recasts not only its lead but replaces them with a brand new character not from the comics.

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