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July 17, 2021

Instant Regret! Call Of Duty HIT PIECE Generates Immediate Backlash & Game Journalists IMPLODE

TheQuartering [7/16/2021]

This games journalist did not expect this.

According to Kotaku:

A profile in the latest issue of Edge magazine saw former Sledgehammer Games exec Glen Schofield tell the venerable UK publication that fans don’t fully appreciate what it takes for a studio to get a Call of Duty game out the door.

“People nowadays [think] a Call of Duty is…you know, just put it through the grinder and another one will come out.” Schofield said. “They don’t realize how much work goes into making a Call of Duty game. There’s just a ton of research.”

What kind of research? He clarified:

“You’re working with experts—I studied World War II for three years. I worked with historians. I spent eight days in a van in Europe going to all the places that were going to be in the game. I shot different old weapons. All of these things that you have to do when you’re working on a Call of Duty game.”

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