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March 1, 2021

Instant Regret! Disney Employee BLASTS Customers & Celebrates Gina Carano Firing The Mandalorian

TheQuartering [3/1/2021]

Chris Kidder, a Disney employee, is celebrating Gina’s firing!

According to Pirates&Princesses:

Recently we were alerted to a Disney Imagineer who was mocking Disney Park fans who took issue with barges in World Showcase Lagoon that really damage the beauty of Epcot. But it didn’t take us long to find out that this Imagineer had some revealing tweets about Gina Carano that may give us insight into the view within the company. This doesn’t appear to be a low-level employee either… he has correspondence in his Twitter feed with legendary former-Imagineer Joe Rohde.

Looking at this person’s Twitter feed, I’ve gotta say, this reminds me of researching the individuals in the “Story Matters” group that is working on such grandiose concepts as labeling the Muppets “racist”. There’s something wrong with these people. Chris Kidder’s Twitter page for the past six months is post after post after post about how evil Trump and Republicans are and how incredible Joe Biden is. It’s one thing to be political, but my gosh. We’re not here to bash on either Democrats or Republicans, or to tell you one party is better than the other. But if you spend your days tweeting non-stop in a religious like fervor, then something is not aligned well in the way you perceive the world and your life.

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