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January 25, 2021

Instant Regret! Female Twitch Streamer BERATES Sick Kid For Clout

TheQuartering [1/25/2021]

Some people are just the worst. I would argue this lady would qualify as one of the worst I have ever come across online.

According to TheGamer:

Twitch streamer and self-proclaimed “virtual girl next door at your fingertips” InvaderVie began today’s stream with an apology for the “tone-deaf, insensitive, and stupid” comments she recently made about the financial situation of viewers that can’t or don’t give her subs. Vie came under fire this weekend when she shamed her non-subs by telling them they’re “so irresponsible with [their] money that they can’t support the entertainment [they] enjoy.”

None of this behavior is out of character for InvaderVie and, despite her attempt to “take ownership” of her comments in today’s apology, this type of financial shaming is not at all out of place on Vie’s stream. In fact, Invadervie has cultivated a core audience that expects and may even desire this type of abuse from her. In a twisted way, all the push back to Vie’s comments has been nothing more than an unwitting kink shame.

InvaderVie certainly wasn’t the biggest name on Twitch before all the drama. She is best known for calling her stream the Blanket Fort and the unnatural way she sits to show off the maximum amount of thigh approved by Twitch’s Terms of Service.

She speaks eloquently (if not always succinctly) with perfect diction about nerd culture, social science, and gender politics. She’s condescendingly adorable, smugly charming, and everything she says is steeped in sexual innuendo. She has a pseudointellectual shtick that compliments her hypersexual persona; Twitch’s very own “Slutty Librarian.”

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