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June 6, 2022

Instant Regret For Johnny Depp Hater Kathy Griffin! Tries To Use Him For Clout & It Backfires!

TheQuartering [6/6/2022]

According to Newsweek:

Kathy Griffin didn’t mince words when asked for her opinion of Johnny Depp this week, calling him an “orange, fat, bloated boozebag.”

Griffin is the latest celebrity to come out in support of Amber Heard after the jury in her defamation trial found she had defamed her former husband.

Depp was found guilty of one count of defamation in Heard’s countersuit, but has enjoyed high-profile celebrity support since the early days of the trial.

At the beginning of a June 2 call-in episode of CNN political analyst Brian Karem’s “Just Ask the Question” podcast, Karem asked Griffin for her thoughts on the Depp-Heard trial.

Griffin prefaced her statements by saying she’s “friends with Amber Heard,” adding, “I completely believe her.”

She said the verdict was “really disturbing” to her as a woman and a feminist.

Referring to the testimony of several female witnesses, and the possible pressure they felt to “change their tune,” she said “nobody wants to get Kathy Griffin-ed, as I was very famously canceled and blacklisted and all that stuff.”

Griffin was referring to the infamous photoshoot in which she held a mold of Donald Trump’s severed head, which led to her being widely criticized and attacked in the media.

There is no evidence that any of the females called to the stand to speak on Depp’s behalf were coerced into making statements in support of Depp, or felt undue pressure to alter past experiences.

Griffin then called the discussion around the trial a “social media bloodbath,” and opined that #MeToo is not dead yet. Then, she set her comedic sights on the current state of Depp.

“I just think Depp is gross,” she said. “Do you know what I find funny?”

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