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February 9, 2022

Instant Regret! Joe Rogan BLASTED By Trevor Noah But Accidentally Reveals His Own Horrible Statements

TheQuartering [2/9/2022]

According to PM:

n Tuesday, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah blasted Joe Rogan’s apology video in which he discusses his prior use of the N-word slur, despite Noah himself releasing a similar statement years ago for anti-semitic Twitter posts.

“Even though Rogan apologized, this was strange. A lot of people were arguing sort of against his apology, saying that the N-word with context is totally fine for a white person to say, yeah, you know, and I understand what they’re saying, like, you know, maybe your professor teaching history. Maybe you’re a news anchor reporting on a story about Joe Rogan. Maybe you’re in a Quentin Tarantino movie, and you have to use the N-word because if you don’t, then the movie has no dialogue,” said Noah.

“For the most part, as a white person, you never need to use the N-word. Don’t, like, need — for example, I’ve gone this entire story saying the N word. And everyone has understood exactly what I’ve meant, right?” he continued.

Noah continued on to give a “life hack” for white people: “saying the actual N word puts you in unnecessary trouble. Especially if you’re not racist.”

He added that the context doesn’t matter because black people “don’t have the time” to sit and sort through instances of a racist saying the word and a non-racist saying the word.

“Just stop saying it, or just be racist. It’s easier for everyone that way,” Noah said.

Noah continued on to say that he is “glad” Rogan learned his lesson about saying the word, but began picking apart the second part of his apology in which he talks about an instance where he suggested black people are apes.

“I did not nor would I ever say that black people are apes, but it sure can sounded like that,” Rogan said in his apology, elaborating that he was describing the situation as Planet of the Apes because there were a lot of black people there.

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