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October 5, 2022

Instant Regret! Marvel DEMOLISHED Over Targeting KIDS With Pfizer Comic Pushing The Poke!

TheQuartering [10/5/2022]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

In Marvel’s latest corporate promotional collaboration, Pfizer has commissioned the comic book publisher to publish a pro-COVID-19 vaccination advocacy story wherein The Avengers’ efforts to save the world from one of their arch foes are equated to individuals keeping up-to-date on their shots and boosters.

Unveiled by the bio-tech company on October 4th, Avengers: Everyday Heroes centers on an unnamed family who, while waiting in the waiting room of a COVID-19 vaccination clinic, receive world via television broadcast that the super team’s long-time foe, Ultron, is wreaking havoc not six blocks away.

Upon hearing the news, the Paul Allor-penned (Saban’s Power Rangers: The Psycho Path), Paco Diaz-illustrated (Amazing Spider-Man vol. 4) story turns to the family’s older son, who finds himself worrying aloud that the sentient AI could pose a threat to their safety.

“Don’t worry,” his little sister attempts to reassure him. “Captain Marvel will help protect us!”

“That’s right!” exclaims their grandfather, turning to draw a parallel between Ultron and the COVID-19 virus. “Just like the Avengers have done so many times before! Ultron keeps coming back – keeps changing and evolving – so the Avengers keep adapting and re-strategizing, and they knock him back again and again!”

“The first time Ultron showed up, we had never seen anything like him before!”

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