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August 3, 2023

Instant Regret! Only Fans Star Mia Khalifa DESTROYED For Offering Marriage Advice!

TheQuartering [8/3/2023]

According to OutKIck:

Mia Khalifa is now in the marriage counseling game, and it appears her skills in this industry far fall behind her acting talents.

Khalifa has successfully managed to parlay being the most famous porn star on the planet for a brief time years ago into being a popular influencer.

To her credit, she didn’t burn out as a flash in the pan as many often do. She has 27.7 million Instagram followers, and manages to still captivate fans, even if her most X-rated days appear to be behind her.

However, she apparently seems to think the fact she’s been married and divorced multiple times (with another failed engagement in the mix) makes her an expert on relationships.

Ladies, she wants you to leave your man! Pack your bags and get to walking!

“Married at 18. Divorced at 21. Second marriage. Married at 25. Divorced at 28. Third engagement. Engaged at 29. Ended it at 30, but I kept the ring. I’m still keeping Tom Brady on his toes. We should not be afraid to leave these men. We are not stuck with these people. Marriage is not a sanctimonious thing. It is paperwork. It is a commitment you make to someone, but if you feel you’re not getting anything from that commitment and you’re trying, you got to go. You got to go. You have to go,” Khalifa told her followers while also managing to compare herself to Tom Brady’s ring count.

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