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July 12, 2021

Instant Regret! Parents FURIOUS With Library & They ABSOLUTELY Should Be!

TheQuartering [7/12/2021]

The man was wearing a buttless rainbow monkey costume (with a dildo hanging between his legs) to teach children about the importance of reading books.

According to PostMillennial:

A man dressed in a rainbow monkey costume with his butt exposed and a large dildo hanging between his legs, was part of an event to encourage kids to read.

The Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge left parents confused and outraged after the rainbow monkey man in a buttless suit read to kids, the dildo swinging freely from his genital area.

A clip of the promotion could be found online.

“Someone needs to lose their job over this,” one parent said. While another was shocked, saying “This is unbelievable. Have we completely lost our moral compass as a society?”

The library did apologize, but not after photos and a video emerged online showing the furry, pornographic reading in the library.

In one photo, the man can be seen exposing his butt while seemingly twerking on a bench.

The library’s apology came shortly after a backlash erupted online. They wrote that “During an event put on at the library today there was a performance by a Carnival Arts Company. Unfortunately one of the animal costumes was inappropriate which we were not aware of at the time of booking. We deeply apologise for the offence caused. This is being looked into.”

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