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June 21, 2021

Instant Regret! SJW Tries Cancelling Factorio Creator Causing Sales & Positive Reviews To Skyrocket

TheQuartering [6/21/2021]

Epic backfire! Long Live Factorio.

According to a RedditPost:

Factorio founder Michal Kovařík aka ‘kovarex’ wrote an article on the Factorio blog linking coding project management materials from ‘Uncle Bob’ aka Robert C. Martin, who is otherwise known for being an ‘old tech’ sexist and racist who decries against diversity in IT. A redditor asked kovarex to add a disclaimer to the link – not to take it down – just to note that Uncle Bob is an inflammatory figure.

kovarex’s response was thus: “Take the cancel culture mentaility and shove it up your ass.”

In compliance with the rules of the r/Factorio subreddit the moderators deleted the response, but that has not stopped him from a day-long rant about cancel culture and censorship in the thread.

The official Twitter is bragging about the incident and the resulting out cry, calling it free ads.

kovarex’s post history is predictably being scoured now but the biggest thing I’ve seen is this – denouncing statutory rape as ‘an sjw term’ (now deleted except in the WebArchive) and defending the idea that teachers should be able to ‘seduce’ their students into sex apparently as long it is not physically violent. Which is rape because they are not able to consent. (WebArchive)

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