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March 16, 2023

Instant Regret! TikTok Girl Picks The WRONG Man To Shame & It Backfires So Badly Cops Were Called

TheQuartering [3/16/2023]

According to FitnessVolt:

Gyms and fitness centers have become a breeding ground for hostile situations following the inception of TikTok, a streaming platform where users share videos of just about anything. In a recent video, a female TikToker becomes aggressive with a gym worker for allegedly ogling her, which prompted the associate to revoke her gym membership and have her charged by police for trespassing. 

During the interaction caught on tape, the female TikToker’s video shows two gentlemen in the background several feet away at the gym. She overlays the video with “Oh daaamn”, implying that they were checking her out. The female TikToker asks the man standing in the video, ‘do you need something? Eventually, her tone changes as she repeats the question. The man eventually responds by saying ‘No. Do I need something? No’, to which the woman counters with, ‘thought so.’ 

Hostility between the two escalated, and the man is heard on video saying that ‘no one was looking at you in any type of way.’ After telling the man he doesn’t own the gym, he informs her that he is actually a gym staff associate. She gives the gym worker more attitude, which results in him asking her to leave or he will call the police and have her removed for trespassing. The TikTok video went viral, amassing over 250,000 likes, and even more playbacks.

While the video has been deleted from her TikTok account, it received a wide range of reactions after it exploded on social media.

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