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December 31, 2020

Instant Regret: Top Gamers Of 2020 List Sparks HILARIOUS Backlash

TheQuartering [12/31/2020]

Gotta love how the term “Gamer” just doesn’t mean anything at all.

According to Kotaku:

As many year-end articles will remind you—not that you needed reminding—2020’s been rough. That made it harder than usual to pick specific people for our annual list of influential game-players. Anyone who brought a smile to a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger this year by playing a game with them did a wonderful thing.

In years past, we’ve highlighted pro gamers, speedrunners, modders, hackers, and even those two guys who discovered that No Man’s Sky didn’t really launch with multiplayer.

This year, we’re highlighting four people who combined playing games with activism in their hopes of making the gaming world—or really, just the world overall—a better place.

Entries for our honorees have been written by freelancer Robin Mosley and Kotaku senior reporter Nathan Grayson.

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