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June 21, 2022

Instant Regret! Woke Professor Has MELTDOWN Over Flight Attendant & Gets DEMOLISHED! Lord Maple Leaf

TheQuartering [6/20/2022]

According to TheDailyMail:

A Canadian professor has been branded a petty tattle-tale on social media after taking to Twitter to shame a flight attendant for not wearing a mask.

Amir Attaran, a professor of law and epidemiology at the University of Ottawa, complained that his United flight attendant was breaking the law which requires masking on flights out of Canada on a recent trip to Chicago.  

‘Hey United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are required on all flights out of Canada. Your flight attendant isn’t wearing one! This is UA3737 in Ottawa right now,’ he tweeted.

He later said that when his flight landed in Chicago, he spoke to the flight attendant who claimed they had been misinformed about the law and attacked United again, begging them to follow the law. 

Passengers and crew are no longer forced to wear masks on planes entering and leaving US airspace.  

United sent Attaran – who is often seen going to the extent of wearing an outlandish P100 mask in public – a response, saying: ‘Hi Amir, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve informed the appropriate teams for further review.’

However, the rest of Twitter was not so kind, slamming Attaran for what they felt was publicly shaming someone and in some cases, doing so to a person not following a rule they felt was unjust in the first place. 

Daniela Jampal, who was at the forefront of the movement to end New York City’s mask mandate for toddlers, immediately jumped on Attaran’s complaints. 

‘Please do not use your social media platform to shame service workers who have worn a mask 8+ hrs a day for 5+ days a week for the past two years,’ she tweeted.

Another social media user chimed in further: ‘You the type of fella to remind the teacher she forgot to assign homework.’

The complaint even made it to officials in government, as Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw had a whack at Attaran.

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