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August 10, 2022

Instant Regret! Woke Teachers ADMIT To Keeping Secrets From Parents About Their Kids

TheQuartering [8/10/2022]

According to IntellectualTakeOut:

If you sent your 9-year-old daughter to school and she broke her arm playing on the playground, but the school didn’t tell you, that would be grounds for a harsh conversation with administrators, if not a lawsuit, right?

There are school policies and state and federal laws that outline parameters for transparency between parents, students, and schools. They are meant to protect everyone, but particularly the child, and they are rooted in the idea that parental authority is paramount, even in schools. Yet this fundamental concept seems to be corroding under the guise that woke schools and teachers know best.

In Pennsylvania recently, three parents filed a federal lawsuit alleging that their children’s first grade teacher violated their rights, not to mention school policy and state law, by teaching their children about “gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning.”

In this case, “transgender transitioning,” while not physically possible, refers to using drugs or surgery to make the body appear as the opposite sex from which a person was born.

Carmilla Tatel, Stacy Dunn, and Gretchen Melton are all mothers speaking out against the Mount Lebanon School District. In their lawsuit, which names multiple school administrators and first grade teacher Megan Williams, the mothers are seeking a court order to either stop the gender-related instruction at Jefferson Elementary School in Pittsburgh or provide parents the ability to opt their children out of it.

The mothers allege Williams failed to honor their parental rights with her “direct classroom instruction” on gender dysphoria and that the district didn’t list “gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning” as part of the curriculum online, violating its own policy.

In essence, it sounds like the school was taking advantage of kids who were confused about their gender—experiencing dysphoria—and was encouraging them to adopt the qualities of the opposite sex, like changing their names and using a different bathroom.

It turns out that Williams herself is the mother of a “transgender” child who is also in first grade. Still, the mothers point out in the lawsuit that this does not “give her the right to impose those views on a captive audience of six- and seven-year-old children.”

According to the lawsuit, Williams had gone so far as to tell students that sometimes “‘parents are wrong’ and parents and doctors ‘make mistakes’ when they bring a child home from the hospital” and declare that he or she is a boy or a girl.

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