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April 1, 2021

Instant Regret! Woman Who Said All Women Should Cheat Ends Up Old & Alone After Cheating

TheQuartering [4/1/2021]

What? People don’t like to be cheated on? Since when?

According to the Sun:

IF you think having an affair is an absolute no-go for you, think again – you are massively missing out.

Nothing beats the buzz of sneaking around behind a partner’s back or the rush of adrenaline from the fear of being caught in the act.

Every woman should try it at least once in their lives.

More than a quarter of women who cheat feel more attractive and 22 per cent feel younger, according to a study by affairs website

And that comes as no surprise to me.

My affair made my skin glow and I felt both youthful and energized — I didn’t need Botox or a gym membership when I had my bit on the side.

I was in a steady but mundane relationship with James* when my head was turned four years ago by a married man at work.

It was not as though I was looking to cheat, but after a year with James the initial spark had fizzled out.

In the early days he lavished me with meals in fancy restaurants, bought me flowers and made me feel like the center of his universe.

I had never met a man like him who was completely obsessed with my happiness.

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