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May 5, 2023

Insufferable Communist Hasan Piker EPICLY Trolled & Has A Complete MELTDOWN On The Street!

TheQuartering [5/52023]

According to Dextero:

The stage crasher who took over the 2022 Game Awards is back once again, this time invading Hasan’s livestream on Twitch as he took viewers through the ongoing Writers Guild Strike.

During the 2022 Game Awards, an interruption during the Game of the Year announcement turned into a viral moment during the ceremony. After Elden Ring was awarded Game of the Year, a young spectator appeared on the stage, gate-crashing the acceptance speeches and dedicating the Award to former President Bill Clinton in a moment that exploded across social media.

“I would like to dedicate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi, Bill Clinton, thank you, everybody,” the person said, before getting escorted off stage by security and later arrested.

While the moment – and the person responsible for the disruption – had seemingly fizzled away from the attention of the gaming and streaming community, the stage crasher has once again appeared on screens. The first time crashing Kai Cenat and xQc’s during a live stream on Twitch and now fellow content creator Hasan just a few weeks later.

In the clip from Hasan’s May 4 broadcast, the Game Awards stage crasher appears on screen holding a sign that says “we love landlords” on one side and referencing WWE superstar ‘Brock Lesnar’ on the other, for some reason. The gate crasher joined his stream, essentially opposing and undermining the exact point of the strike.

He then says, “what’s going on? How are you guys doing? We love landlords all against unions. We are here to protest against the landlords and the unions.”

He then asks Hasan if they can do a “quick shake on the hand, look we love landlords.”

“We love landlords, we love them a lot. We’re all against unions. They’re not fair to the corporate companies. This is a crazy protest.”

A friend then appears alongside the stage crasher., showing he wasn’t alone. Though through the antics, Hasan completely no-sold the pair. Refusing to engage with their trolling ways whatsoever, the Twitch star didn’t even so much as crack a smile.

Time will tell where this notorious stream sniper may show up next.

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