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September 2, 2021

Internet Goes WILD For Arby’s D&D Dice! It’s The New KFConsole!

TheQuartering [9/1/2021]

What’s next? Entire campaigns set in the fast food chain?

According to GameRant:

For decades, Dungeons and Dragons has defined the tabletop RPG scene, being the indisputable king of the genre and boasting massive influence over other media, especially video games. And while Dungeons and Dragons has always been popular, it’s seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to celebrity players, streamers, and people trying the game during the pandemic. Now, other companies are banking on the game’s popularity, including the fast-food chain Arby’s.

A good game of Dungeons and Dragons needs an equally good set of dice to make rolls with, and Arby’s is looking to provide its own special set for players to use around the table. The Arby’s dice set is clear with a sort of brown center. The set is adorned with gold digits, which does contrast well with the rest of the color scheme. Notably, the D20 and D6 both boast the Arby’s logo in place of the 20 and 6 on the dice, respectively.

According to a tweet made on the company’s Twitter page, the release follows fan requests to have the set produced. The dice are listed for $12 on the company’s website, though it appears that they’ve already sold out, with no indication of when the set will be restocked. Luckily, it doesn’t appear that any listings have been made for them on eBay, at least not yet, so it seems like the set managed to avoid scalpers.

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