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January 20, 2021

Jason Momoa BLASTS Fans Of Aquaman 2 In Absurd Meltdown! Stays Silent About His Co-Star Though

TheQuartering [1/19/2021]

Sorry. Here is the actual version of this video I mixed things up this morning and well, here you go. Enjoy!

According to Entertainment:

Back in June 2020, Momoa endorsed violent crime including property destruction and rioting that included encouraging rioters to tear down public statues.

Momoa shared a video to Instagram of rioters tearing down a statue to British merchant, philanthropist, and former member of parliament Edward Colston.

As you can see in the video below, it shows the rioters tearing down the statue and cheering exuberantly as it is destroyed.

Momoa for his part described the video as “Amazing.”

He then went on to quote Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King in the Instagram post.

King wrote, “Edward Colston was a monster who bought, sold, and traded Africans, human beings, and forced them into slavery until they died.”

He continued, “Nobody who did this should be honored. It was/is terrorism. Now. Then. He never should’ve had a statue.”

“I’m proud of the activists and organizers in Bristol, in the United Kingdom, who tore this down. TEAR THEM ALL DOWN. Everywhere. I support this. Wait until you see the next video,” King concluded.

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