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April 9, 2021

Jimmy Kimmel BLASTED For Shilling Hunter Biden Book & IGNORING Obvious Corruption Concerns

TheQuartering [4/9/2021]

Jimmy Kimmel and his late night show had Hunter Biden on last night & basically kissed his feet and it was embarrassing.

According to the NewYorkPost:

Hunter Biden continued his lovefest with an adoring, understanding, thoroughly enchanted media last night with a lengthy spot on Jimmy Kimmel.

Never have two people found crack addiction so funny, or international influence-peddling so banal, or obvious lies so easy to explain away.

“The laptop,” Kimmel said.

Now this is the laptop that contains thousands of emails and texts from Hunter Biden to his father, wife, sister-in-law-turned-mistress, his sister-in-law’s married sister, who also becomes his mistress (try to keep up), drug dealers and prostitutes and colleagues at Burisma, the Ukrainian company that paid him $50,000 a month for God knows what.

The laptop also contains thousands of pictures and videos of Hunter in some compromising scenarios: at the dentist, getting his meth-destroyed teeth capped; engaged in a threesome in a seedy bedroom; making porn with prostitutes.

An amazing through line in Hunter’s memoir — which he continues to insist is raw, heartfelt and honest — is his astonishment at his worsening marriage. Why, Hunter keeps asking himself, is my wife so angry at me all the time?

So much for owning up to all your faults.

The Biden campaign never denied the authenticity of the laptop or its contents. Neither has Hunter Biden, who has ripped a dubious tactic from that other political loser, Anthony Weiner, in claiming that he just can’t say for sure whether the laptop is his.

“You say you don’t know,” Kimmel said to Hunter, “which is hard to believe unless you read the book. I’m surprised you have shoes on.”

Hunter laughs, Kimmel laughs, the audience laughs.

“Pants were the problem,” Hunter quips.

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