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March 23, 2021

Joe Rogan BLASTED For Totally Reasonable Take & SJW Weirdos Accidentally Prove His Point

TheQuartering [3/22/2021]

Apparently, Joe made some transphobic comments in his latest interview, and some people flipped out.

According to Dexerto:

Among a ton of other ventures, Rogan is mostly known these days for his viral podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, which regularly draws in millions of listeners per episode.

Considering how big the show has become, though, it’s no surprise that everything the host says gets put under a microscope – which is exactly what happened shortly after a March 19 episode with fellow comedian Jim Breuer went live.

While discussing the trans community with Breuer, Rogan questioned what he considers to be the current mainstream attitude towards the topic of transitioning.

“It’s not fake,” Rogan said. “There are people who really have these thoughts. The problem is, it becomes a protected subject, and then you get praised for transferring your gender — for changing your gender. And then it gets exciting for people to talk about, and then you get chastised for even discussing it in any weird way.”

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