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October 14, 2021

Joe Rogan DEMOLISHES CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta! Forced To Admit FAKE NEWS On Joe Rogan Podcast!

TheQuartering [10/14/2021]

Joe Rogan DEMOLISHES CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta!

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Anti-v*x, misinformation-making, horse-medicine-taking (according to CNN) Joe Rogan sat down with CNN’s medical dude, Sanjay Gupta. It was a three-hour conversation about the Fauci Ouchie and people being hesitant towards it. Hop on Twitter, and you can find tons of clips of Gupta, the medical “expert,” being rendered speechless by simple questions. Gupta’s not used to that on CNN, where the only dialogue has to be approved by Joe Biden and/or the CDC first. Rogan calling Gupta out for CNN lies about Rogan is more interesting.

Flashback. Joe Rogan caught the ‘rona. His doctor prescribed him a medication that is prescribed to human beings. CNN reported over and over again that Rogan took “horse dewormer”: something that is prescribed by veterinarians. Rogan doesn’t go to a vet. He goes to a people doctor. Rogan put Gupta on blast with a simple question: Why is your alleged news network lying about me?

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