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February 8, 2022

Joe Rogan Just BLEW AWAY His Critics In New Statement! Spotify Isn’t Backing Down

TheQuartering [2/8/2022]

According to TheDailyWire:

Fox News personality and former professional wrestler Tyrus let Joe Rogan’s critics have it on Monday’s broadcast of “Gutfeld!”

Billed as an “angry black man,” Tyrus argued that the people trying to cancel Rogan were doing so because they couldn’t compete with him — and when they failed, they dug through his podcasts until they found something they could use to manipulate more people into being mad at Rogan.

“HE’S ANGRY, HE’S BLACK, HE’S MALE,” the message flashed across the screen in all capital letters before cutting to the video of Tyrus, who opened by thanking host Greg Gutfeld for giving him the time to speak his mind.

“This is not going to be your normal. everyday ‘angry black man’ — oh, and I’m angry, but not for the reasons you might think,” Tyrus warned. “Yup, Joe Rogan said the ‘N-word.’ Hell, he even said it with a hard-a** ‘r’ — a bunch of times on a podcast. And yeah, it pissed me off when I first saw it.”

Tyrus began slow-clapping then, congratulating the “woke” mob for succeeding in getting a rise out of him: “Very clever, woke!”

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