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June 29, 2022

Joe Rogan Just BROKE The Intenet With Gina Carano! Joe Rogan Podcast Brings Gina Carano On Spotify!

TheQuartering [6/28/2022]

Accordinf to SportsSkeeda:

Joe Rogan has continued his stance against cancel culture, and this time he took aim at the media industry. Rogan used Disney’s sacking of Gina Carano from The Mandalorian as an example of the problems with “woke” media. Carano was fired by Disney and the United Talent Agency in February 2021.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcaster talked about the actor and how she was given the boot by Disney for a series of controversial messages on her social media. Carano criticized American politics but used historical images of the Holocaust. Rogan said:

“She [Carano] got fired from The Mandalorian for, I mean essentially she was just talking about how there’s a tendency in human beings to think of other people who think differently to you as being ‘others’. They’re not us, they’re others but she then equated it to the Holocaust. As soon as you do that people are like ‘Oh boy, don’t f*g do that.’ Then they fired her. But I don’t think what she actually said was outrageous or awful.”

Joe Rogan then explained how he interpreted what the actor had shared in the now-deleted social media posts:

“I think she was just trying to say that the political divide in this country separates people and it’s so polarizing. It’s unhealthy. Unfortunately, she compared it to the Holocaust so Disney fired her.”

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