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October 10, 2022

Joe Rogan Just DEMOLISHED Rolling Stone Founder To His FACE & It Was Glorious!

TheQuartering [10/10/2022]

According to HollywoodinToTo:

Mick Jagger may have said it best.

“What a drag it is getting old,” Jagger crooned in The Rolling Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper.”

It’s not just the aches and pains that aging brings. It’s how some, as they get older, betray their core principles. Howard Stern, the former prince of free speech, now broadcasts from his germ-free home where he ignores the Cancel Culture fights defining our age.

Rebel rocker Neil Young ranted against a comedy podcaster last year because he feared the “wrong” information about a pandemic might be shared. (While ignoring mainstream media outlets doing just that)

Now, add 76-year-old Jann Wenner to that list.

The man who founded Rolling Stone magazine argued with Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan recently about the need for government censorship.

Wenner is all for it. Rogan, who sees the censorial tide washing over western culture, stands against it.

Rolling Stone magazine once stood for ’60s-era counter culture. Free speech, man, and down with The Man.

That Rolling Stone no longer exists.

The current model is on board with the woke revolution and supports Cancel Culture. Consider the mag’s tone when it comes to Dave Chappelle, savaged for telling jokes about the trans community.

It couldn’t be more clear where RS comes down on the matter.

Wenner made that point obvious during his Rogan chat. The two discussed the Internet and social media, leading to a curious exchange about regulation.

The Rolling Stone founder wants Biden, Inc. to oversee it. He “absolutely” trusts the government here, ignoring all the chicanery currently going on with government overreach.

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