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March 25, 2022

Joe Rogan Just HUMILIATED Spotify & Facebook With New Interview!

TheQuartering [3/25/2022]

According to TheDailyMail:

Joe Rogan slammed employees of large Bay Area tech firms as woke ‘activists’ on his podcast Wednesday, labeling employees for companies such as Google as ‘mentally ill’ and ‘lunatics who are running the asylum to a certain extent.’

Speaking to Silicon Valley vet Antonio García Martínez, an ex-engineer at Apple and Facebook who was fired by the Mac maker after staffers petitioned to have him nixed over ‘misogynistic’ writings in his autobiographical book, in which he wrote ‘women in the Valley are ‘full of sh*t’ and likened a former Indian coworker to a ‘bored auto-rickshaw driver from Delhi.’  

Rogan, 54, asked the seasoned tech specialist what it was like to work at the two tech giants.   

‘What is it like being in those companies?’ Rogan asked his guest. ‘Like whether it’s Facebook or, you know, any sort of tech company.’ 

‘For someone from the outside, we look at it and say: ‘How are those f**king places run?’

Before Martinez, who previously served as a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs, could respond, Rogan recalled a conversation with a ‘good friend’ who worked in a management position at Google before leaving the search giant for another ‘large tech company.’ 

‘And the way she described it to me she’s like it is utter madness,’ the comic and UFC commentator said. ‘And the lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent.’ 

Rogan continued: ‘Because a lot of people that are inside the company that legitimately are mentally ill and they consider themselves activists.

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