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October 5, 2023

Joe Rogan Just OBLITERATED San Francisco After Even Woke Starbucks Now Flees The City!

TheQuartering [10/5/2023]

According to TheDailyMail:

Joe Rogan has branded San Francisco a ‘failed state’ for soaring crime and its ope-air drug markets on a recent episode.

During an interview with actor Gabriel Iglesias on The Joe Rogan Experience, the pair said crime in the city is ‘next level.’

‘San Francisco is the worst, San Francisco is like a failed state. San Francisco might as well be Libya, that place is wild’ Rogan said.

They commented on businesses closing shops in the Golden Gate city. Iglesias said, ‘It’s becoming a ghost town and they’re not pumping the breaks.’

‘No one’s stopping anybody from doing anything,’ Rogan added. ‘It’s crazy how quick San Francisco has [declined]. Everyone’s pulling out of there.’ 

Target last week announced it was closing a store in San Francisco after Nordstrom and Whole Foods shuttered locations in the city earlier this year over soaring retail theft.

Walgreen’s resorted to padlocking shut their freezers and tying metal chains to ensure the doors remain closed overnight.

Rogan noted the city’s growing homeless population and signs of drug use.

‘So many homeless people down there, it is insane the amount of tent cities everywhere you look…  and then there’s open-air drug use and it’s tolerated,’ he said.

San Francisco is grappling with close to 40,000 homeless people and more robberies and motor vehicle thefts reported by the police department than the same time last year.

Data from the police department shows robberies are up 15.6 percent year to date, and motor vehicle thefts are up 10.1 percent.

Even homeless pirates have taken to the Bay Area to rob houseboat communities. 

San Francisco’s overdose deaths soared in August with an additional 84 deaths, 66 involving fentanyl, the deadliest month since 2021.

Rogan criticized the leadership in the city for profiting off the funding that comes to help with the community’s problems. 

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