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September 14, 2023

Joe Rogan TERRORIZES Braindead Gen Z Women In New Survey! Joe Rogan Experience

TheQuartering [9/14/2023]

According to OutKIck:

If you are a man who listens to Joe Rogan regularly that might explain why you can’t find a date.

Change Research surveyed 1,033 registered voters between ages 18 and 34 and learned that 55% of women find it a turnoff if their partner listens to “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Millennial and Gen Z women apparently associate Rogan listeners with “MAGA Republicans.” In other words, they think a pot-smoking Bernie Sanders voter is MAGA.

Young women, who take their cues from TikTok, don’t understand Joe Rogan. And they abhor Donald Trump.

Over three-quarters (76%) of women said they would not date someone who supports Trump.

Women really want you to go see “Barbie.”

The female respondents obviously lean left, in part because of the age demographics. There aren’t too many young conservative women.

One could argue that’s unfortunate given a recent finding that attractive women are more likely to be right-wing.”

Nonetheless, if you want to date a liberal woman, and we don’t recommend it, the poll says you should adopt the following habits:

Find a new podcast, never say “All Lives Matter,” frequently say “Black Lives Matter,” pretend you have a lot of hobbies, and pretend there are more than two genders.

In other words, act like a liberal white lady of Generation Z.

As for green flags, women ask that you read a lot and look better in person than you do on social media. Women and men agree on those two traits:

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