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May 13, 2021

Jordan Peterson DEMOLISHES Justin Trudeau Over Net Censorship Bill C-10

TheQuartering [5/13/2021]

Good to see Jordan Peterson is back to crushing crazies like Justin Trudeau.

According to the PostMillenial:

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson took to Twitter on Wednesday to critique the controversial Canadian censorship Bill. Bill C-10 is currently being pushed forward by the Liberal government and is being spearheaded by Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. If passed, the Bill would regulate all Canadian social media users and impose CRTC restrictions on content.

The celebrated Canadian Psychologist also took aim at the CBC:

“I have a million more YouTube subscribers than our national broadcaster CBC. So does that make me a broadcaster to be regulated by Trudeau’s pathetic minions? Or does it just indicate that CBC is a failure, despite the fortune it takes in in public subsidy?

“CBC, your heavily subsidized but once admired and credible state broadcaster is now ideologically addled, propagandistic, outdated and increasingly despised or ignored. And now you dare to extend your incompetent governance to other media forms?”

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