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October 24, 2023

Journo BUSTED FAKING Rocket Attacks For The Camera! Hilarious Live Footage Proves They Lie!

TheQuartering [10/24/2023]

According to WENews:

TEL AVIV: A video featuring a Romanian journalist faking the alleged Hamas attack in Israel has gone viral on social media platforms, sparking controversy and raising questions about the journalistic ethics and objectivity beside media houses credibility amid Israeli brutalities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In the video, the journalist is seen lying on the ground next to a car, apparently taking cover from an attack, while continuing to report live staged drama, while there was no reality in the report.

Social media users quickly pointed out inconsistencies in the video, casting doubt on its credibility. Viewers observed that despite the journalist’s apparent fear, people in the area were casually walking and even riding bicycles past her, seemingly unaffected by the alleged attack. Additionally, there was a lack of audible sounds of bombardment in the background, further fueling suspicions.

While social media serves as a valuable tool for real-time information, this incident underscores the importance of critical evaluation. Not all content shared on social media platforms, especially in conflict zones, can be taken at face value. The incident has raised concerns about the manipulation of information, especially during times of conflict.

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