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April 20, 2021

Keanu Reeves Joins Star Wars? Rumors Knights Of The Old Republic Movie? No Way Disney Pulls This Off

TheQuartering [4/19/2021]

I can’t imagine Keanue Reeves in Star Wars, but this is a rumor that has been around for a long time and won’t go away.

According to

When it comes to fantasy casting for Star Wars, Keanu Reeves is pretty much at the top of the wanted list. Now, after years of fans imagining “what if,” fantasy could become reality as The Matrix and John Wick star is rumored to be adding the biggest franchise of them all to his impressive résumé.

Let’s underline the word “rumored” here. As far as Star Wars sources go, Mike Zeroh has a mixed reputation. The self-styled Disney and Star Wars “leaker” has built a following on YouTube for revealing supposed secrets from deep inside the mysterious Star Wars production office. However, many consider his information to be a case of throwing everything at the wall and hoping something might stick. Yet there is no doubt that he has a voice in the fandom, and his claims about Keanu Reeves have certainly gotten people talking.

According to Zeroh, Reeves is set to star in one of the many new Star Wars projects coming to Disney+ as King Valar, a Sith monarch from The Old Republic. This series would take place 3,000 years before The Phantom Menace. Zeroh adds that the character will be first introduced in a live-action-style animated series that will launch on Disney+ in 2023 before featuring in a live-action trilogy, also starring Reeves. “[Disney] are using the animated TV series to introduce King Valar to the fandom, and Keanu Reeves is said to be doing the voice-over work for that character in the beginning stages,” Zeroh said.

The animation for the series is said to be unique and unlike anything audiences will have seen before. Zeroh claims that it will be in “a lifelike style, a video game-style” and compared it to the look of Star Wars: Battlefront, the hit video game from Electronic Arts.

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