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December 8, 2020

Keep Your Kids Away From This Fornite YouTube KIWIZ! The SHOCKING History Of Red Kiwiz

TheQuartering [12/8/2020]

When your kid says they are “just watching a Fornite video” maybe make sure it isn’t his or someone like him.

According to eSportsTV:

He has been building a stable Fortnite career over the past several years, and this year, he and his teammates from Luminosity Gaming have decided to take things one step further, stepping out from the organization, and take things in their own hands.

They have established their own esports organization, called One Percent, with their own Fortnite house.

It looks like things are going really well for the 23-year-old Fortnite star, but in the last few days, mistakes from his past have returned to haunt him once again.

Before becoming a Fortnite pro, Kiwiz was a well-know Call of Duty trickshooter with an established place in the community.

Around 5 years ago, an incident occurred, when he was found to be sending inappropriate pictures to a girl who was just 12 years old at the time, while he himself was 17. This became public knowledge and Kiwiz admitted doing this in one of the episodes of the Drama Alert show, where he claimed that he didn’t know her real age.

“It was a mistake. Being a teenager, it’s kinda like a heat of the moment, everybody makes mistakes”, he said back then, claiming that he wasn’t aware of her real age, thinking she was 14.

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