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June 12, 2021

Kevin Smith BUSTED Lying About He-Man Masters of the Universe: Revelation Netflix Show & Fandom

TheQuartering [6/11/2021]

Yikes. Not cool.

According to

Kevin Smith is apparently a big fraud when it comes to He-Man and has been caught in a big fat lie as a tweet unearthed from 2013 reveals Smith stating he is not a fan of He-Man.

In addition, it appears as if either Kevin Smith, Netflix, or both have been lying to fans about the show’s plot.

“I wasn’t a He-Man fan…” the tweet states, which is the direct opposite of how the Netflix show has been promoted in the media and what Smith has said himself.

In‘s exclusive first look article, Smith is described as a “He-Man superfan”:

“Everything I’ve ever worked on in like 27 years, this is easily in the top five of my favorite, most satisfying projects,” says Smith, a He-Man superfan who showruns Revelation and executive produces with Mattel Television’s Frederic Soulie, Adam Bonnett, Christopher Keenan, and Rob David. “When I die, they’ll be like, ‘He made Clerks, remember?’ ‘Cause that’s the most memorable thing I think I’ve ever done. I think this has a running shot at being like, ‘He made Clerks and that one cartoon that one time.'”

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