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August 16, 2022

Kids REMOVES Pride Flag From Video Game & Gets Banned! Spider-Man Modder Banned For Anti-SJW Mod

TheQuartering [8/16/2022]

According to NicheGamer:

In a shocking display that surprises absolutely zero people, the hotly debated Spider-Man mod that removes LGBT flags is actually not even a mod.

Uses speculated the download is rather an addendum to the game code that replaces what texture is loaded when assets call out for a certain texture to be rendered. It’s really just that simple, but of course, culture warriors can’t simply just let it stand as that without making it a huge “censorship” issue because of the overreaction from Nexus Mods.

These aren’t textures used in localization, they just wouldn’t load this particular asset in the versions of games in those regions.

Considering how many video game companies change their official accounts to resemble their logo decked out in Pride colors (read: all of them) during the month of June, it’s only logical to assume this is represented in all regions, correct?

Of course not, because in countries where homosexuality is still considered an actual crime, these flags wouldn’t be allowed to display if these companies were interested in selling their products in those regions.

But, you already knew that due to how many video game companies change their official accounts to resemble their logo decked out in Pride colors in Muslim/Arabic countries (read: none of them) every June. Imagine thinking companies don’t like making money globally – naw, it couldn’t be me, fam.

That’s it. It looks in the game code for a call to use this Rainbow flag asset and instead of using that asset, it calls out to use a standard USA flag texture instead. That’s all the Spider-Man mod does, it doesn’t “erase” or “censor” anything, it’s just simply a replacement option using the original game files to display USA flags instead of Pride flags.

If that’s how you want to play the game – it’s a single player game, more power to you. I wouldn’t use it because I personally couldn’t care less what the developers decide to do when it comes to inclusivity, so I’ll play things as they’re designed and if I find something I don’t like, I simply won’t patronize them or play their games.

Again, I’m not advocating for the Spider-Man mod or against it, because personally I wouldn’t ever want the USA flag replaced with anything else because I love this country. This whole discussion is silly, but it’s a slow news day and for some god-forsaken reason, this topic seems to be a hotbed of discussion so here’s your follow-up.

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