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June 29, 2022

Leaked Footage From New Disney Show Beymax Has Parents FURIOUS! Disney Plus Pushing Parents Away!

TheQuartering [6/29/2022]

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Disney’s “not-so-secret gay agenda” to inject “queerness” into children’s programming is seen in the new Baymax series. That is the accusation being made by writer, filmmaker, and activist Christopher Rufo. A clip from the children’s animated series was leaked to Rufo.

In the clip, Baymax, a robot, was shopping for feminine hygiene products. A man wearing a sweater that looks like the trans pride flag recommended the feminine hygiene product that he uses. A reference to the political belief some on the ultra-radical left have that men can menstruate.

Unclear is if this was meant for political reasons. Or if who is perceived to be a man is actually a manly-looking woman and was only wearing the sweater because the colors bring out the sparkle of her eyes. Rufo’s insinuation that this is part of Disney’s not-so-secret gay agenda comes from an exclusive he had in March. Executive producer Latoya Raavenau, in opposition to Florida’s parental rights in education bill, said: “Our leadership […] has been so welcoming to my not-so-secret gay agenda. […] I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness. […] No one would stop me.”

Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill was the source of controversy earlier this year. Critics claimed without evidence that it was the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and literally outlawed teachers from saying the word “gay,” literally. When the bill’s aim is to prevent certain ideological lessons deemed “inappropriate” from coming to Florida classrooms, such as having kindergarten students draw pictures of where they can masturbate in their homes or assign comic books to eleven-year-olds where a brother asks a sister about “tasting herself.”

Disney opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Eduction Bill, vowing to work to get it overturned. Or, at the very least, employees of Disney and other activists bullied the company into saying they were going to do that.

Baymax debuts June 29 on Disney+. Hey, that’s today!

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