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July 5, 2022

Leftists EXPLODE After Joe Rogan Blast Donald Trump! Full NPC Meltdown!

TheQuartering [7/5/2022]

According to TheWeek:

Will Joe Rogan ever have former President Donald Trump as a guest on his show? Apparently not. 

In an interview with Lex Fridman, Rogan said he doesn’t want to “help” the 45th president by having him as a guest on his wildly popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, and he revealed he has turned down multiple opportunities to do so. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to have [Trump] on my show more than once,” Rogan said, per Mediaite. “I’ve said no every time. I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.”

Rogan has had numerous politicians on his podcast, including Andrew Yang and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). In 2020, Rogan said he would vote for Sanders during the Democratic primaries. But he said he would rather vote for Trump than President Biden, and in the general election, he voted for the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen. 

During the interview with Fridman, Rogan predicted Trump will run again in 2024 and said he’d be running “against a dead man,” characterizing Biden as “rambling” to the degree that “every f–king talk show would be screaming for him to be off the air” if he were a Republican. He also argued that “so many people” have felt that they “could abandon their own ethics” to attack Trump and his supporters. 

Despite his harsh words for Biden, though, Rogan added that he’s “not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form.” 

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