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August 16, 2023

Linus Tech Tips BLASTED By Gamers Nexus In HUGE Scandal & His Response Was VERY BAD! All The Latest!

TheQuartering [8/15/2023]

According to Dextero:

On August 14, 2023, Gamers Nexus uploaded a video detailing several concerns with Linus Sebastian and his company, Linus Media Group.

The video hit out at the accuracy of LMG’s testing across all of their channels, including Linus Tech Tips, as well as ethical concerns pertaining to how they cover product.

Linus responded just hours later, and now Gamers Nexus has a few things to say about the tech YouTuber’s response.

In a second video, Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke has shared his thoughts about Linus’ response to the concerns about accuracy and ethics.

“Linus hastily posted a statement about three and a half hours after our video went live,” he said. “Linus’ statement is an unhinged, unapologetic rant where he skirts responsibility and blames others.

“He tries to play weird semantic games, like saying ‘We didn’t sell the product, we auctioned it.’ Or he’ll misrepresent the timeline… the response is immature, it’s blaming others, and it’s irresponsible to the community they’ve built.”

Gamers Nexus also reached out to Billet Labs, the creator of the one of a kind water block that was allegedly sold without their knowledge, to see if they had agreed with Linus to auction it off for charity.

Billet Labs said: “No, absolutely not. No, no, no. The only mention of any money to do with the prototype was our response to them [after they said] they’d actioned it, and, we basically said, you know, that was a $(redacted) prototype.”

We’ll update you if Linus responds to Gamers Nexus a second time, but in the meantime, you can check out Dexerto’s coverage of the original video.

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