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July 7, 2022

Lunatic Women DESTROY Business Over $1.75 While Crowd Films It

TheQuartering [7/7/2022]

According to OutKick:

All it took was being told to pay $1.75 for extra sauce at a New York City restaurant and three women were sent into a rage early Saturday morning as they decided the best course of action in the moment was to trash the place.

Now the women — Pearl Ozoria, 27, of Manhattan and Chitara Plasencia, 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23, of Brooklyn — face charges over the destruction at a Bel Fries location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

One of the criminals twerked as her sisters in destruction went to work destroying Bel Fries’ front desk. A worker recorded the maniacs throwing objects at the useless spit guard that was actually useful in this event as it prevented the flying objects from being launched into the workers — that is until the criminals tore down the spit glass.

According to reports, the store has been closed down due to the destruction and two employees suffered head lacerations from objects launched in this all-out assault.

The three losers now face charges of robbery and criminal mischief.

A quick examination of the Bel Fries menu shows that there is indeed a $1.75 extra sauce charge right there in clear type. These three twerking criminals weren’t being jerked around by the staff at all. In typical 2022 fashion, they just assumed this was a Chick fil A and they could have as many sauces as they’d like.

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