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August 11, 2021

Lying “Mom” BUSTED Scamming 200K In GoFundMe Keeps The Money Anyway!

TheQuartering [8/11/2021]

A $200,000 GoFundMe scam goes wrong.

According to TheReviewJournal:

Dasha Kelly raised thousands of dollars online to prevent an eviction after an interview with CNN last week, but the North Las Vegas woman’s claim that she was the mother of three children was not accurate.

Kelly claimed to be the mother of three young girls, but she is not, according to CNN. “She says she originally described herself to CNN as a mother because she considers herself to be like one to them,” the news outlet said.

The news outlet said the children are cared for by their mother, Shadia Hilo, and their father, David Allison, who is Kelly’s boyfriend.

Kelly had created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2,000 to prevent an eviction but she was able to raise more than $220,000, noting plans to create a savings account for each child.

GoFundMe said in a statement it placed the funds on hold after receiving reports last week questioning the authenticity of the fundraiser. Attempts by the Las Vegas Review-Journal to reach Kelly have been unsuccessful.

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