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June 27, 2022

Man Convinces Twitter He’s A Supreme Court Judge & Something Amazing Happens…

TheQuartering [6/27/2022]

According to Wikipedia:

Mark Meechan (born 19 October 1987) is a Scottish YouTuber and former UK Independence Party candidate for the European Parliament. He uses the online name Count Dankula.

Meechan received press coverage when he posted a video showing him teaching his girlfriend’s dog how to raise its paw in the manner of a Nazi salute, and to react to the phrase “Do you wanna gas the Jews?” Meechan was arrested and convicted of being “grossly offensive” under the Communications Act 2003, following a trial in March 2018. The arrest generated controversy and discussions about free speech. In April 2018, Meechan was fined £800. Meechan stated he would not pay the fine, and instead donated £800 to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. In March 2019, the money was seized from his bank account by an arrestment order.

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